About us

Gensys Technologies, a pioneer in customized solution provider primarily working with SYBASE SAP Company technology, has been providing bespoke Corporate IT Solutions for Middle East and Africa since 1998. At present Gensys has a remarkable presence throughout Middle East region with offices in Dubai (HOMEA), and Kochi (India- R&D for technological Innovations). GENSYS is proud to have an illustrious skill pool of IT and other professionals from a diverse industry and cultural background. Gensys takes pride to be associated with some of the finest organizations in the region, we work with a diverse functional verticals and which contributed heavily to our functional expertise and sharpened the technological innovations

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    Everlasting, satisfying and beneficial customer relationship

    Transparency and fairness in investor relationships

    Professionalism, competency, and entrepreneurial skills in employees

    Professional, fair, and ethical business practices

    Concern, commitment, and positive action for the well being of environment and society.




GENSYS Technologies, founded in 1986, has its presence in INDIA, U.A.E Sultanate of OMAN. We have over 154+ developers and about 600+ middle and corporate clients. We are serving corporate bodies, government entities and companies in different industries of several regions. With the goal of helping our customers we had moved to our next level of growth through our four-part strategy of product development, leveraging partners, global expansion and strategic acquisitions. It also helps our customers realize the full power of IT to take up their business. Our Research & Development wing create and deliver IT solutions for the customers to keep our vision real. With 30 years of experience in this field, we are able of solving complicated IT related issues and had developed a crystal clear path to get you 'from where you are today to where you want to be'.

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    Web Applications

    Our dedicated web application developers have successfully completed over 400 projects for a variety of industries and business domains, including e-Commerce, E-Learning, Analytics, Finance, Entertainment and more.

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    Web Design & Devolopment

    The design of a website is very important when it comes to a visitor's first impression of your organization. It is great for building trust & credibility with the visitor and ensuring their first experience of your organization.

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    Custom Business Applications

    VIBS ERP , RetailPOS+ , Calculas , Interactive Voice Respone (IVR) Systems and mobile Information Technology,we offer customized solutions for a range of services like architecting, integrating, developing and maintaining the system.

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    Android Applications

    Android is huge. Currently there are just below 1 billion android users, with 1 million activations each day. While IOS leads in terms of revenues, the average Android revenue is growing fast and so the future is bright if you look for the long term.

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    Academic Project

    As part of GENSYS BUSINESS SYSTEMS new venture in Angamaly, we offer students of various universities an opportunity to certify their semester projects under different platforms like Java, PHP, Core Java, .Net, Advanced Java and Android.

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    Skill Orientation Programme

    GENSYS technologies bring all the solutions for fresh graduates for the above issues through our unique SKILL ORIENTATION PROGRAMME. The graduates who attend this program in our firm get transformed from a graduate to a techie.